Training Course

Prek Leap National College of Agriculture (PNCA) offers training courses in agricultural fields and other specialised courses on request by individuals or groups. For example, the following courses can be discussed to suit your expectation:

  1. Agricultural Extension and communications
  2. Agro-Products Processing Techniques
  3. Pig and Cattle Raising Techniques
  4. Poultry Raising Techniques
  5. Disease and Treatment for Chicken, Pig and Cattle
  6. Farm Management
  7. Farmer Field School Management
  8. Fish Grow-out Techniques
  9. Fish Seed Production Techniques
  10. Fruit Tree Propagation and Management
  11. Integrated Pest Management
  12. Leadership Management in Rural Development
  13. Mushroom Cultivation Techniques
  14. Mushroom Spore Production
  15. Project Planning and Management
  16. Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)
  17. Safe Use of Pesticides
  18. Sow Raising Techniques
  19. Rural Credit Management
  20. Vegetable Growing Techniques
  21. Veterinary Care for Small Animals
  22. Chili Sauce Processing
  23. Rice Fish Integration

The courses are conducted collaboratively by qualified teachers from different departments of PNCA and other partners. The courses are delivered in Khmer language and the methodology of training is a combination of classroom lectures, hand-on-practices, presentations and discussion to share and exchange knowledge and experiences. The training may be held either at on campus of PNCA or another venue upon request.


  1. Tuition fee: $95.00/person/week or $185.00/day for an unlimited number of persons cover the tuition fee, training supplies, materials and refreshments.
  2. Other fee: Accommodation and meals can be arranged by additional payment
  3. Applications will be accepted until 3 days before the course begin. 15 % of the course fee should be paid in advance


Office of ASPIRE Component 2,
Prek Leap National School of Agriculture
Road 6A, Prek Leap, Russey Keo, Phnom Penh


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