In globalization and Asian community, Prek Leap National College of Agriculture (PNCA) has connected with regional and international agricultural universities as educational collaboration partners for sharing educational experiences, research, and looking for internship opportunities for the students. It is the most important part of strengthening its quality of education.


  1. Kangwon National University, Korea
  2. Southwest Forestry University, China
  3. Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
  4. Rajamangal University of Technology Isan,Thanland
  5. Hohai University, China
  6. Università Politecnica Delle Marche, Italy
  7. Hainan College of Foreign Studies, China
  8. University of Yunnan Minzu, China
  9. Hainan University, China
  10. University of Hiroshima, Japan


  1. Guangxi Forward Agriculture Technology International Cooperation
  2. Mekong Regional Land Governance
  3. Alpha Agri-Business
  4. Vitrosys Clone Technology
  5. Axel Asia Human Resources
  6. Exo-Travel
  7. Asean Fisheries Education Network (ASEAN-FEN)