Associate Degree

Prek Leap National College of Agriculture (PNCA) offers a 2 years associate degree (AD) program in following specializations:

  1. Agronomy
  2. Forestry
  3. Fishery
  4. Animal Health and Production
  5. Horticulture
  6. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
  7. Agricultural Economics
  8. Agribusinesses
  9. Food processing
  10. Nutrition and Health
  11. Agricultural Engeneering and Rural Construction
  12. Casdastre and Land Management
  13. Computer
  14. English Language
  15. Micro-Finance
  16. Political Economy of Agriculture and Food


The Associate Degree study program consists of a number of compulsory subjects and some free elective subjects. In the final year, students are required to write a final report and do final examination to complete the course.

Students are required at least 60 credits (70 credits for those who did not pass high school study).

Students can be eligible or choose two different study schemes: government scholarship scheme and private paying scheme.


  1. A candidate is eligible for AD government scholarship scheme, if sh/he holds a high school certificate of applied year
  2. A candidate is eligible for AD private paying scheme, if sh/he holds a high school certificate of previous year before applied year, or failed high school study, or holds an equivalence to high school certificate


Students must spend annual cost for 1.300,000 riel or 650.000 riel per semester.